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What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

An agent that sells State Farm insurance can only sell State Farm policies. The same goes for Shelter Insurance, Allstate, and other proprietary carriers. But an independent agent (like Mr. Insurance Craig Henley) has access to many carriers.

I can “shop around” on your behalf, to compare lots of lots of different insurance providers. I find the best options and give you a set of choices. You don’t have to contact each insurance provider, one by one, and go through each application process. I handle that entire process.

Insurance Carriers

I also collaborate with experts within OneSource Insurance Group who specialize in other professional services to make your life easier.

About Mr. Insurance™

Independent insurance agent Mr. Insurance™ quotes many insurance carriers to provide personal and commercial insurance in greater Springfield, MO. Owner Craig Henley is V.P. of sales at OneSource Insurance Group adding investments, financial planning, and real estate. Website MrInsurance.net. Phone (573) 999-3930.

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