Who is Mr. Insurance™?

I’m Craig Henley, an independent insurance agent providing personal insurance and commercial insurance to greater Springfield, Missouri. I work with a variety of carriers to provide the best policies at the lowest rates. I’m with First State Insurance Agency in Springfield, MO, gaining access to investments, financial planning, and real estate.

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If there’s insurance somewhere in the title, that’s what I can do.

Personal Insurance

  • Home-owners insurance & renters insurance
  • Car insurance & motorcycle insurance
  • Boat insurance & RV insurance
  • Jewelry collectibles insurance
  • Life insurance & health insurance
  • Medicare & Medicaid
  • Disability insurance & long-term care insurance

Commercial Insurance

  • Property insurance & work-vehicle insurance
  • General liability insurance & cyber liability insurance
  • Workman’s comp insurance
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Group health insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
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Know the difference

The advantage of working with an independent insurance broker.

I “shop around” on your behalf, to compare lots of different insurance providers. With nearly a decade of experience, I work to find the best options and give you great choices. I also collaborate with other experts within OneSource Insurance Group who specialize in other professional services to make your life easier.

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About Craig

My faith is very important to me. My family and I are parishioners at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, and we’re very involved in the Springfield-area Catholic community. I’m also an active member of the Knights of Columbus.

I’m the founder of Sprout Business Group, and I advocate for fatherless children through the non-profit Man Up and Go.

None of these efforts would be possible without the support of my wife and my children. They give me the ability to take time to do those things, and they understand the need and support those causes as well.

Peak inside Craig’s mind

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What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

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The new client “fact-finder”

I do things a little differently. I really want to gain an understanding of an individual’s, or a business’s, situation before I quote their insurance coverage.

So, I conduct a very thorough fact-finder meeting with each new client. I gather all of the details about that person or about that business. People often say, “Wow. You ask a lot of questions.”

The more that I know, the better I can understand your situation, and make great recommendations. Without gathering the right information, you might end up with a gap in coverage, because no one bothered to ask thorough questions.

How can I help you?

Contact Mr. Insurance

Call or text: (417) 430-7782

Email: Craig@MrInsurance.net

Office: First State Insurance Agency
4728 S. Campbell Ave. Suite 112
Springfield, MO. 65810