Craig Henley and his wife smiling on their wedding day
Craig Henley and his wife sitting outside and smiling on their wedding day

I’m a very lucky man.

I still remember the day I met my wife – June 4, 1994. She was the kind of girl who was on a different level. Like, way out of my league. Somehow I convinced her that was somebody she should spend time with. And all of these years later, she still accepts me for who I am. We’ve now been married nearly 25 years – since October 19, 1996. 

We became parents seven years later. Everyone thought we were crazy, because my wife was in medical school at the time. Who starts a family during medical school?

Several years later, when she was working 70 to 80 hours a week during her residency, she became pregnant with identical twins. It was a very crazy time.

We’ve been blessed with three beautiful boys: Braden, Dawson, and Dylan.

The journey has been so awesome. And looking back, I wouldn’t change a single part.

When I ask you how you’re doing, I’m genuinely concerned about you and your family.

Craig Henley

Community Involvement

We are parishioners at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, and we’re very involved in the Springfield area Catholic community. My faith is very important to me.

I am a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic men’s organization. Among other things, we raise money and give it away to local and statewide charities in need (including the Pregnancy Care Center, Lifehouse Crisis Maternity Home, Missouri Special Olympics, and local homeless veterans). I currently serve as the Grand Knight for a council of about 120 members.

In 2021, Bishop Rice presented Craig with the Citizen Recognition Award, given to one individual in the state for outstanding service at the diocesan level, following his inspirational presentation at an annual men’s conference. “And he touched the hearts of many,” Bishop Rice said. “Such openness should be encouraged.”

Craig with Bishop Rice and Harrison Butker at the Catholic Men's Conference

In 2015 I started a business group called Sprout, by combining the best components of other business, networking and philanthropic groups I had been a part of. The goal is to provide personal and professional growth for our members through speaker presentations, interactive dialogue and community involvement. We are all better because of our participation.

I’m also involved with the non-profit Man Up and Go. We help fatherless children around the world with programs in Africa, the Dominican Republic and Ethiopia. I went on a mission trip to Africa with Man Up to see firsthand the impact that their programs are having. You don’t realize how fortunate we all are until you see those who aren’t. Seeing those children motivates you to do more for those in need. Man Up also operates on a local level as Man Up 100. We’re looking for 100 men who will support fatherless children, emphasizing the importance of the role of the father in a family. We also support local foster families. It’s a great organization that allows you to have a big impact at a local level.

Craig climbing a mountain in Africa

None of these efforts would be possible without the support of my wife and my children. They give me the ability to take time to do those things. They understand the need and support these causes as well.