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If you think of the word “insurance,” think “Mr. Insurance™”

I always love it when people ask if I can insure something strange or unusual. I don’t recall a time in my career when I’ve simply said, “No.”

Because I have access to such a broad range of insurance providers, I can always search for something to meet an insurance need. I can at least try.

If someone says, “Have you ever insured this before?” I may have to say, “No – not yet. But I’m willing to try.”

Someone recently asked if I’d ever insured a musician. And I hadn’t, but I worked hard to find insurance products to fit that need.

If I can’t meet the need directly, I can probably work with someone else – either within OneSource Insurance Group or through my network of business contacts. And I can remain the primary contact for the client, so simplify the process.

About Mr. Insurance™

Mr. Insurance™, Craig Henley, is an independent insurance agent serving greater Springfield, Missouri. He researches a variety of carriers to provide personal insurance (home, auto, umbrella, and more) plus commercial insurance (property, liability, workman’s comp, and much more). Craig is with First State Insurance Agency in Springfield, MO. Website: Email: Phone: (417) 430-7782. Facebook: @mrinsurancespringfield. Linkedin: @henleycraig.

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